Friday, June 3, 2011

Air Conditioning

It was so hot this day!  We were waiting for Mike to come home and turn on the air conditioner!  Look how hot the pups look!


Here's a few pictures of Zack : )

This one made me laugh, he looks like a giant!

Saturday, May 21, 2011


Flashback to 18 years ago...I'm a few weeks shy of having my first baby (my Kyle).  Mike and I did yard work all day, including planting bushes and flowers.  And I mean, all day!  Flash forward to today...I'm a few weeks shy of witnessing my first baby graduating from high school.  My yard work today looked something like this: I took a nap after going to the nursery to pick out some flowers. After about 10 minutes of weeding and planting, I go in and drag Mike and Zack off the couch to help me.  After planting about 30 flowers, we're done for the day!  And I know there will probably be Motrin in our near future!

Everything these days circles back to Kyle for me, and I know this is the natural course life takes, but gosh it's really difficult to grasp the fact Kyle is not just "growing up" but has grown up.

A weed and a flower...I think they're both beautiful!

Saturday, April 30, 2011


In my family, springtime means baseball time!  Of course most practices are usually rained out in the beginning of the season, but this week, we were able to get the first few of our regular season games in!  Chris is the only one playing this year so thats been a change for us.  Here's a few pictures of the first few games and the people I watched them with!!
Chris on 1st : )

My Dad and Nephew, getting a hot pretzel!

I don't know what he was doing, but isn't he cute?  Look how long his hair is getting!

Gotta love a zoom lens for sneaking into no-moms land...the dug out!

Bobby, peaking around the corner to see Chris!

Little Dude...he was in rare form during the game! lol

And this is from Thursdays game, Zack watching the game from the car and me, well, torturing him with my camera!

Sunday, April 24, 2011


McKenna Moment~~
My poor neglected blog...really my hopes are to regain my momentum but its been difficult with the sports.  Here is a pic of McKenna!

Same pic, 2 different edits...